Dorian van Braam was born in England.  His family moved to Ireland where he was brought up and educated. 

Very early on he became self aware of his individual approach and style and saw little benefit in going through the usual channels. 'As I grew up, I saw all around me standardisation swallowing whole individuality and the spontaneous spark and emotions that nurture true art to fruition.'

Dorian is self-taught, and throughout his development has had one ideal throughout; that grasping a fuller understanding of a more classical and realist approach, would in time grant him the freedom of thought and license to experiment, that so many feel is unnecessary. 'How can one move freely throughout the creative plains of the mind; if you do not understand the basic rules, nor are able to re-produce that which has been the standard for centuries. I speak of the purest form of art: the reproduction in a given medium of the world around us. I was told at a young age that "rules are for fools to obey, and wise men to take heed of." Regardless; one must learn the rules before you bend them!'  

Alongside his more classical works,  the boundaries between figurative realism and abstract/surreal work are often blurred; 'It is the job of an artist to give form and representation to the thoughts of the people, in a language one can read; subtle and enticing, but at once striking and remaining. This can only be achieved through a universal insight and understanding.

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